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NAZXUL - Iconoclast, CD

Eisen037-CD 4250088500626
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One of the most “cult” names in Black Metal, enigmatic Australian legends NAZXUL return after a long hiatus and deliver another classic: the fittingly titled Iconoclast. A near-perfect synthesis of cosmic atmosphere and unremitting barbarity, Iconoclast both distorts the mind and ravages the body. Taking the listener deeper into the dark, stranger hinterlands of the imagination, this is NAZXUL!

1. Apoptosis
2. Dragon Dispitous
3. III
4. Black Wings
5. V
6. Iconoclast
7. I
8. Set in Array
9. II
10. Symbol of Night & Winter (Ancient Lords)
11. Oath (Fides Resurrectio)
12. Stain of Harrow
13. World Oblivion
14. Threnody

“Australian Black-Metal-Hammer!“ (Mescaline-Injection zine)

"One of the greatest black metal revelations of the year 2009" (Metallian Magazine)

„NAZXUL have in my opinion created clearly one of the best black metal albums of 2009.“ (Metal.de)

„Rightfully should be stated that "Iconoclast" rocked the world to its foundations and is recommended as a hot contender for the album of the year.“ (Metal-District)

“When I was smitten in recent years depending on a Black Metal band, then Nazxul ... and if a Black Metal band belongs to the future, then Nazxul. Buy or die ... it won't be better. Song tipps: everything …“ (Obliveon zine)

„Its rare that black metal sounded so powerful and sublime - Iconoclast is simply a monumental masterpiece!“ (Hateful-Metal)

Format: CD (album)
Packaging: Jewelcase, 20 page booklet with transluent paper and pantone print.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen037
Barcode: 4250088500626
Release date: 2009