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FORNDOM - Daudra Dura, LP

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Vinyl edition released in co-operation with Nordvis.

Let us wander towards the worlds beyond ours. Forndom and multi-instrumentalist L. Swärd returns with the entrancing debut album “Dauðra Dura”. After the very dreamy and successful EP “Flykt” (2015) it’s now time once again to enter the musical world of Forndom, a world where the music sets tone to the old Scandinavian way to live, believe and act. “Dauðra Dura” is in its core a musical interpretation of Death & how it was viewed upon in the old north. A dark, beautiful and genuine creation which must be experienced. Hear the drums far beyond and enter “Dauðra Dura”, The Doors of Death.

Format: 12" (album)
Packaging: Reverse board cover, 12"insert on uncoated paper, black inner-sleeve.
Vinyl: Classic black
Limitation: 400
Cat.Nr.: Eisen108
Release date: March, 2017