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LÖNNDOM - Fälen Frän Norr, CD

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Re-release of this brilliant native folk influenced metal album. Features partly new artwork.

A journey through the deepest nordic forests and mountains… A. and S. (Armagedda,Leviathan swe and LIK) captured songs that allow the listener to embark on a gloomy journey into the magical realms of the north. A nostalgic and melancholic blend of Metal, Rock and fragile Folk music in the best way, engraved from the pure magic and mystery along with the outstanding beauty of the northern landscape, the whole atmosphere and lyrics create a dreamy yet hypnotising aura that absorbs the whole record until the end. Lönndom contains a huge mix of thoughts from the past along with thoughts of today. They subdue relatively simple forms when performing the music - enjoyment comes purely through feeling.

“The album committed by LÖNNDOM is definitely worth giving it a try no matter if you are a Black or Folk Metal fan, though there is some risk you will not accept it thinking this includes too many somewhat experimental fragments. I myself am pretty impressed by “Fälen Från Norr.” - 8,5 out of 10 - THE METAL OBSERVER

“Altogether this debut is an album, which took me immediately with its oppressing atmosphere , imprisoned, even bewitched me. I can`t really remember, when I had the last time a so strong feeling of “old times” if I got presented a new album. -  9 out of 10 - METAL.DE

“It will be obvious that this album will not appeal to everybody. Yet we can see this as a laudable expression of pure emotion. When you want to ban the hectic world outside for a while and you want to taste pure nature in your glass of wine on a dark winter's evening, well, give this a try.” - LORDS OF METAL

“This is a difficult album to get a handle on, shifting between moods, atmospheres and soundscapes in almost every song – there’s a lot in here to discover but as a listener you’ll have to be prepared to make the effort. A compelling and artistically valid oddity to be sure but don’t say I didn’t warn you…” - METALTEAM UK

Legacy 11/15
Schwermetall.ch 10/13
Caosvault.com 5,25/6
metal-revolution.com 8/10
Metal-District 9/10
Metalmessage Mag. 9/10
Earshot.at 6/7
Sheol Magazine - 8,5/10

Format: CD (album)
Packaging: Jewelcase, 6 panel folder booklet on uncoated paper.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen032
Barcode: N/A
Release date: 2008

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