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VANUM - Realm of Sacrifice, LP

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Heavy Stoughton jacket, 180g black vinyl, lyric sheet and a specially curated 16-page tabloid sized booklet featuring the large format photography of NYC-based Corey Riddell, who produced all of the album's photographic imagery.

Vanum's debut installment on LP, US import from Psychic Violence Records.

Conceived over the course of years, founding members K. Morgan (Ash Borer) and M. Rekevics (Fell Voices) forged this new entity in the fall of 2014. After years of close musical alignment, including multiple split releases and tours together in other acts, this release marks the first time that the two have committed a collaborative effort to tape.

While unique in it's aura, Realm of Sacrifice draws a heavier influence from the old tradition of black metal than other related projects. Rather than simply combining the oppressive drone of Fell Voices with the harrowing desolation of Ash Borer, Vanum showcases a more sharply focussed and stirring form of black metal. Intense, caustic tremolo washes effortlessly weave in and out of cold and somber mid-tempo sections, masterfully held together by powerful and creative drumming and an extremely potent vocal performance. Through a deep understanding of their craft as well as an attention to detail resulting from years of dissecting the black metal genre, Vanum has produced one of the genre's more striking releases in recent memory, and one that holds up against any of the founding members' previous outputs.