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MOSAIC - Heimatspuk, Wooden Box (CD & Tapes)

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Custom Wooden Box edition incl. Slipcase CD, Tape, Bonus Tape and extras.

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After their highly acclaimed avant-garde debut album "Secret Ambrosian Fire", released by Eisenwald in 2019, Thuringian folklorists MOSAIC return to their black metal roots with their new full-length album "Heimatspuk", delivering a primal symbiosis of atmospheric metal, mystical soundscapes and traditional primal folk elements.

The album continues where its predecessor "Secret Ambrosian Fire" left off. The modern world lies in ruins and has consumed itself. Lyrically, it is permeated by various leitmotifs, such as darkness, sanguine and forest mysticism - as well as the central elements of earth and air - whose attributes and symbolism characterize the album.

Unlike previous MOSAIC releases, there are no guest appearances on this album. The album was written and recorded entirely by Martin van Valkenstijn at his House of Inkantation in Gotha, with musical assistance from Danijel Zambo (Walden, Skognatt) and mastered by Markus Stock (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless) at Klangschmiede Studio E in Mellrichstadt.

The masterfully designed front cover was created by Austrian artist Irrwisch, further illustrations by Urzeitkraft Illustrationen.

Tracklist 'Heimatspuk' CD+Tape:
01.Wir sind Geister
02.Die alte Straße
06.Der Köhlerknecht
09.Unterhulz Zoubar
10.Tief verschneit die ganze Welt (Bonustracks)

Tracklist 'Heimatweisen' Tape:
02.Birken, Tannen, Löwenzahn
04.Schwarze Erde

Format: Box (album+extras)
Packaging: Custom wooden box, smooth edges, and flame finish. The top is decorated with glossy black embossing. Includes the album Slipcase CD (feat. exclusive design), Tape edition, exclusive bonus Tape, accompanying booklet. Also includes a designed download card for the digital album of Heimatspuk.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen210
Limitation: 50 copies, handnumbered
Barcode: n/a
Release date: April 22nd, 2022

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