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Vinyl edition of the previously released MCD from the now defunct Swedish Black Metal entity.

A lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 - 2002. 4 never before published songs except for “I Am” which was performed live during the “Marching Towards Christian Extermination” tour back in 2002. Features new layout & exclusive/unpublished pictures and cutted on 45rpm.

1. Den Skrivna Eskatologin
2. De Vanhelgade

3. I Am
4. Cold Eon
Format: 12" (EP)
Packaging: Solid sleeve on reverse board, black paper innersleeve, 8 page 12"LP sized booklet on thick uncoated card stock.
Vinyl: red or white
Limitation: 1000 (444 white, 444 red, 100 black as part of the 'die hard' edition)
Cat.Nr.: Eisen051
Barcode: N/A
Release date: 2011