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ILDJARN - Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths, LP

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GATEFOLD VINYL EDITION WITH POSTER. Part two of the series of early days re-issues.  

ILDJARN was a black metal band from Norway, formed in 1991 and active until 1997, has been hailed as one of the purest and most ferocious musical projects within the realm of extreme music. The music can be described as primitive and pretty lo-fi black metal, straightforward drums, riffs and harsh, hateful vocals, the later musical creations ventured into Ambient spheres. Although some releases included collaborations or guest appearances from other musicans (Nidhogg, Ihsahn, Samoth) the sole creator and man behind was always Vidar, who was previously also active with Thou Shalt Suffer (pre-Emperor) and later with Sort Vokter. Ildjarn showed true mastery in its craft, building ambience by simple tones, riffs and rhythmic arrangements that often tend to be more like a buzz of noise compared to common music.This essential and unprocessed 4-track musical force has always been exceeding and pushing the limits of emotional perception for most of its receivers.

Harmony I
Harmony II
Harmony III
Harmony IV
Harmony V
Harmony VI 
Harmony VII
Death Dynamics

Format: 12" (album)
Packaging: Solid reverse board printed gatefold sleeve. New stunning illustrations courtesy of Tern. Black paper innersleeve with poly protection. A2 poster, featuring an old and unpublished drawing.
Vinyl: black & marble (clear/black)
Limitation: 200 (black) 300 (marble)
Cat.Nr.: Eisen076
Release date: 2013