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WALKNUT - Graveforests and their Shadows, LP+Booklet (Silver/Black)

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- Updated Layout
- 180g Silver/Black Vinyl
- Solid sleeve, flooded inside black
- black paper innersleeve
- 8 page 12"LP sized booklet on thick paper stock
- A2 Poster on uncoated paper
- Remastered by Henri Sorvali

The first and only full length album of WALKNUT from Russia is widely regarded as a modern classic of atmospheric Black Metal. Timeless as the art it is, even 15 years after its initial release "Graveforests and Their Shadows" has lost nothing of its inescapable appeal, heavily based on a somehow elaborated minimalism in which every second, every single note, every desperate scream is assigned to the creation of a unique, trance-like and cold-blooded glacial ambience - an atmosphere of dignity and authenticity that magically transfers visions and emotions of isolation, hopelessness and anger into pure Black Metal essence.

Eternity Records is extremely proud to not only honour this to us personally highly significant album with a dedicated re-release, but also release the first ever vinyl version officially authorized by StringsSkald himself. [quote Label]

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