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BARDS OF SKAÐI – Glysisvallur: Musick from the frozen Atlantis, CD

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Immerse yourself in an ethereal tapestry woven with musical threads from bygone cultures. “Glysisvallur” – the debut offering from Bards of Skaði – is a masterful blend of orchestral grandeur, Norse tradition, and neofolk ambience. It is a living homage to the elusive spirit of lost civilisations – a hauntingly beautiful panorama encapsulating the melancholy, wonder, and complexity of our collective pasts.

Whether you find solace in the evocative works of Howard Shore and Björn Isfält, or the enduring mystique of traditional Nordic music and early classical compositions, Bards of Skaði invite you to partake in a voyage into domains scarcely traversed in modern music.

The foundation for “Glysisvallur” was laid within a research project known as The Frozen Atlantis. After finding artistic satisfaction in the initial compositions, Bards of Skaði resolved to travel deeper into the realms of musical antiquity, blending baroque intricacies, modal melodies, and archaic instruments to evoke an atmosphere reminiscent of civilisations long past.

On strings, guitars, lute, lyre, keys, and programming, we find Thomas von Wachenfeldt, who – apart from being a PhD and Associate Professor in Sound and Music Production at Dalarna University – has arranged music for symphony orchestras and death metal legends like Entombed. Göran Månsson, flutes and percussion, is a seasoned educator at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has graced the international stages in a variety of styles ranging from classical ensembles to popular outfits like Gjallarhorn, Nordman, and Sarek.

Through “Glysisvallur”, Bards of Skaði extend an open invitation to an environment where music theory meets primal emotion, offering a lush and layered experience that captures the imagination and stirs the soul. It is a journey into an ageless world, one that welcomes you to lose and find yourself within its haunting melodies.


1. Glysisvallur
2. Yxdans
3. Iduns långdans
4. Nordanstig
5. Sagas skänklåt
6. Idavöllr
7. Midvinterrit
8. Vid Ljusvattnet

9. Nifelhe

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