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OCINN - The Forest, LP (Marble)

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More from Ocinn

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Gatefold vinyl edition, heavy grey/black marble vinyl!

Ocinn plays Black Metal influenced dark piano music. The unique and hypnotizing atmosphere with melancholic, gloomy but still romantic piano tunes brings the feeling of the rough and cold Black Metal sound into dark piano music.

"The piano is a gorgeous instrument, capable of creating such fragility and yet still be starkly powerful. ‘The Forest’ is more than just a curio, it is a masterful exercise in atmosphere and tension building."  - The Killchain

"Each track is beautifully composed with the essence of gothic horror shadowing romance and loss through carefully articulated keys and tones. The playthrough is delicate and fragile, much like human emotion but, plays on the plague of memory and ‘what could be’ to create haunting atmosphere and tension." - Metal Godesses Mag.

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