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ORDO OBSIDIUM - Orbis Tertius, CD

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In the uncompromising spirit of the nineties, Orbis Tertius was committed to two-inch tape in August of 2010 at Louder Studios (Wolves In The Throne Room, Weakling etc.), standing in vehement opposition to the sterility and over compression of most contemporary metal. Needless to say, the Ordo Obsidium debut swims away from the stagnant waters in which black metal now lies. Marching the perilous road between orthodoxy and progress the album will be met with both praise and condemnation. However one thing is clear, Ordo Obsidium is not a carbon copy of a carbon copy of a carbon copy.

Artwork by BA’AL GRAPHICS (Corpus Christii, Sonne Adam, VI, Lugubre...)
Layout created by EREBUS STUDIO (Feigur, Drudkh, Isolation)

1.Nequaquam Vacuum 
2.Into the Gates of Madness 
3.Orbis Tertius 
4.Emptiness Under the Moon 
5.By His Unflinching Hand

"Ordo Obsidium come recommended for fans of moody, emotive metal. Think Mortifera and Woods of Desolation, the majesty of Emperor drenched in funeral doom arrangements. There is a soaring, melancholy beauty at play in ‘Orbis Tertius’ where guitars sing of the end, drums stutter and fall under the weight of despair and acoustic meanderings announce frail, broken dreams. Huge, wailing leads wrestle as doom and dementia take hold. The sheer splendor of closing track ‘By His Unflinching Hand’ is reason enough to purchase this." - LURKERS PATH

"The songs shift rather effortlessly between amazingly rich atmospheric black metal to heavy and edgy funeral doom. There are other bands that do this, and a few (I stress FEW) even do it well , but this record belongs in a league of its own." - HAMMER SMASHED SOUND

Format: CD (album)
Packaging: Jewelcase with 4 page booklet on uncoated paper and covercard with full artwork by Ba’al Graphics.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen059
Barcode: 4250088501432
Release date: 2012

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