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Very aptly titled, Gone is a kaleidoscopic plummet into the depths of despair and regret. Upon a foundation of melancholic melody, AUTUMN’S DAWN create a 9-song cycle of dark, emotive energy, dynamically spanning depressive rock, post-black metal, and plenty in between. Most of Gone’s song titles – “Until My Heart Corrodes With Rust”, “Grace of the Grave”, “When the Sun Sets for the Last Time”, and “Blank Stare, Dead Eyes” among them – vividly portray its contents, and the bright ‘n’ balanced production illuminates every shadowy corner. Although Gone is AUTUMN’S DAWN’s debut album, the Australian duo are hardly newcomers: vocalist/drummer Sorrow is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Germ, and did time in cult OZBM bands like Austere, Woods of Desolation, and Nazxul among others. In many ways, AUTUMN’S DAWN in general and Gone in particular can be seen as a more refined version of Grey Waters, a short-lived yet celebrated band of Sorrow; in other ways, one can imagine Sentenced and Mono squaring off with Germ and Austere. Any way you describe it, Gone is the end…and the beginning.


1. The Ashes Of A Life

2. Until My Heart Corrodes With Rust

3. Into The Cold

4. Grace Of The Grave

5. When The Sun Sets For The Last Time

6. Blank Stare, Dead Eyes

7. Dawn

8. Through The Rusted Gates Of Time

9. Gone

"AUTUMN'S DAWN carry their depressive Black Metal one step further and allow us to enjoy a full and tremendously dynamic disk that has surprised me pleasantly." QUEENS OF STEEL 9/10

“if you’re like me and you miss Grey Waters and wish that current Alcest had a bit more bite, then Autumn’s Dawn will likely be your new favorite band.” METAL OBSERVER 8,5/10

"this is music that you will remember, in both good times and bad." NO CLEAN SINGING

"Autumn’s Dawn are somewhat of a unique band in many ways! An eclectic album! This is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!" WONDERBOX METAL

"Ein Album voller Gefühl! Eine der besten Veröffentlichungen dieses Jahres!" METAL INSIDE

"Autumn’s Dawn is like redefining what Tim Yatras has done with D. (Woods Of Desolation) in the short-lived band Grey Waters." AGAINST MAGAZINE

"Die Band hat einen sehr hohen Wiedererkennungswert! Jedem Liebhaber von Depressive-Rock zu empfehlen!" XXL ROCK

Format: CD (album)
Packaging: Jewelcase,CD with 12 page booklet and silver inks
Cat.Nr.: Eisen087
Barcode: 4260393740075
Release date: 2014

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