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GORATH – Misotheism, LP+EP

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"Misotheism” is the much acclaimed 3. full length album. 7 gnostic black metal gospels, a concept about heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore. "I cannot recommend this album enough. Its blend of old school aggression and the abstract artiness of newer ENSLAVED and DEATHSPELL OMEGA is just what intelligent Black Metal should sound like. A near flawless album of brainy extremity." 9 out of 10, The Metal Observer - Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Kataonia, Opeth, Dissection,...). - Nominated for best black metal album of 2008 on Metalstorm and Deathmetal.be! - Gorath shared the stage with acts such as Watain, Shining, Aborted, Gorefest, Dark Funeral, SOTM, Gallhammer + more. Several shows across europe have been played this year and more are booked. - Collectors vinyl edition with partly new layout, thick cardboard sleeve, heavy stock insert and exclusive bonustracks on a 7"!

Tracklist: 12"
1. Gnosis
2. Apophasis
3. Abufihamet
4. Sophia
5. Metempsychosis
6. Abraxas
7. Sicarii

Tracklist: 7"
2.Circle of the Tyrants
Format: 12"+7" (album+ep)
Packaging: Solid regular cover, thick card stock 12"insert, black inner-sleeve with poly lining plus 7" with folder cover.
Vinyl: Classic black
Limitation: 300
Cat.Nr.: Eisen039
Release date: 2009

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